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31 Mar. 2020 / 14:34

"We work, you stay home" - the urge of those on the front line in the fight with COVID-19

Doctors, social workers, police officers work these days to stop the spread of COVID-19. What people can do now to help them is to stay as much as possible at home, reports Radio Moldova.

"I am a social worker, it is certain that in these moments we are experiencing difficult times. We are with the people who most need us, we go to work every day, you are responsible, stay home,” mentioned Alina Ghileţcaia.

“I am an officer of the prevention service, within the Police Department of Chisinau municipality. In this complicated period, the police are always on duty for every citizen to feel safe. We are on duty, but you stay home,” was the message of Sandu Cernean.

"I am a social worker, we are on duty every day and we help people of old age and with disabilities. During this difficult time, be responsible and stay home. Help us to help you," said Maria Bulat.

“I am a medical assistant at the Hospital for Contagious Diseases of Children in Chisinau. Every day, we are in the front line of fighting with the new type virus COVID-19, we are in difficult times, but together we will overcome them. We work, you stay home," said Ludmila Breahnă.

TRM.MD recalls that according to the latest information released by the Ministry of Health, in the Republic of Moldova, there are 298 confirmed cases of infection with COVID-19.

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