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26 Mar. 2020 / 13:03

Balceana and Sofia villages remain in quarantine

The villages of Balceana and Sofia remain in quarantine. People are receptive and respect the security measures imposed by the authorities. They leave their house just to go to the shop or to the doctor. They are supplied with necessary things, said the president of the Hincesti district Iurie Levinschi in the show "Loc de Dialog" on Radio Moldova.

"We talk permanently with the mayors, they are also in quarantine. All the needs of the inhabitants of these villages, supplying food, diesel, medicines or seeds because the agricultural season begins, we strive at any request of the mayor to intervene and solve the problem. Most of the positive tests are in Bălceana, but we also have in Sofia ”, said Iurie Levinschi.

We should mention that Sofia and Balceana are two neighboring villages, in Hincesti district, which are under quarantine after several persons infected with COVID-19 were detected.

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