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25 Mar. 2020 / 09:03

E-learning, adopted by several schools in Moldova

Distance education is being adopted by more and more schools in Moldova. The teachers of the "Constantin Stere" Lyceum in Soroca started a series of video lessons at Mathematics, Romanian Language and Literature, as well as History. For now, the lessons are not taught online, because not all children have permanent access to the Internet, reports Moldova 1.

The lessons were recorded and were posted on the Lyceum's Facebook page, and this gives the children the opportunity to watch them several times. The lessons for the graduating classes were recorded as a priority.

"We work for the sake of the students, so that they continue to study, that is why, we use different methods, in different lessons. We make worksheets for children, we send them through viber, they work and then we check. They send us the results”, said Ludmila Bas, Maths teacher.

"We begin a series of exam preparation lessons for the ninth grade, and then for the lyceum. The sound and image quality is very good, no matter where the child is, no matter what country the child is, it matters to the child to have access to Facebook and to watch these movies", said the director of the Lyceum "Constantin Stere” in Soroca, Vasile Bas.

Almost two thousand pupils study at the Theoretical Lyceum “Constantin Stere” in Soroca.

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