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31 Mar. 2020 / 13:06

Increased water consumption in the north of the country, caused by the quarantine

The water consumption has increased once quarantine was imposed. The state-owned Acva Nord enterprise, which supplies drinking water for the inhabitants of four northern districts of the country, operates at maximum capacities and the disinfection procedures are strictly monitored. The specialists say the water meets all the epidemiological norms and sanitary requirements.

In order to distribute quality drinking water, analyzes are carried out every two hours in the laboratory of Acva Nord in Soroca. Here, impurity and hardness are strictly monitored according to all biochemical requirements and standards. Every morning, the water is analyzed by the doctors of the sanitary medicine center.

"We take water for analysis at the following indices: free chlorine, remaining chlorine and turbidity, we make it at the tank, at the common filter of mixing meter and then we see what concentration it shows. The water complies with the sanitary norms,” declared the tester, Diana Coşuna.

Even though now, under quarantine, many businesses do not work, the volume of water is the same on the account of the population living at home and consuming more water than usual.

At Acva Nord, 4 pumping stations are now in operation. The water is distributed on a 78 km route from Cosăuţi to Bălţi.

"In this situation, only that we have slightly increased the dose of chlorine, from 0.3 or 0.4 to 0.5 is maintained, ie 0.5 milligrams per liter. 

The inhabitants of the four districts: Soroca, Floreşti, Sîngerei and Balti consume about 32 thousand cubes of water a day.

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