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28 Mar. 2020 / 08:02

The social workers from Soroca have the mission to help the lonely people

Our grandparents are the most vulnerable, which is why they have to stay isolated during the pandemic. In the case of the lonely, these days, the only ones who cross the threshold are social workers, who bring them the food and medicines they need. In order not to endanger the lives of the elderly as well as theirs, the social workers from Soroca, like the rest of the country, have taken more protective measures, reports Moldova 1.

In the Soroca district, over 670 people are served at home. One of the tasks of the social workers is to explain to the elders to stay home and avoid contact with other people as much as possible.

"During this period, the increased attention is paid directly to these categories of people, we have established with the social workers some protection measures, in principle they work a lot through telephones, the workers set the priorities of the beneficiaries, who need to procure them, they have to walk and because we do not have public transport but in any case, we offer them transport from the direction to move,” said Aliona Prechiatco, deputy head of the Social Assistance Directorate.

In Soroca, there are 85 social workers who provide assistance to lonely people.

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