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28 Mar. 2020 / 16:20

The PPDA point out measures that the state must propose in the coming days

After combating the pandemic a priority is the urgent identification of sources of survival for citizens and entrepreneurs in the Republic of Moldova. This was mentioned on his Facebook page, by the deputy of the Platform of Dignity and Truth (PPDA), Alexandr Slusari.

The deputy reiterated the emergency measures that the state has to propose in the following days, with application in the following month:

1. Cardinal rectification of the budget by renouncing to several capital investments, first of all investments in the field of central public administration, where money allocated for the strictly necessary, salaries and pensions must remain. The approximate calculations show that by reducing up to 30% of the expenditures of the central public authorities and giving up several capital investments, some billions of lei could be saved.

2. Immediate request for financial support from external partners and increase of the volume of loans from commercial banks by the Ministry of Finance.

3. Doubling the salaries of physicians and all medical staff and substantially increasing the financial resources allocated to procuring protective equipment.

4. Allocation of resources for the partial financing of the technical unemployment imposed on the employees, as well as the cessation of the activity of the small traders, intervened after the closing of the markets.

5. Postponement of payment of social and medical contributions, as well as VAT for enterprises in the HoReCa fields, trade in non-food products and related industry, light industry, ZEL industry, agriculture, tourism, aviation, etc. for a minimum of six months.

6. Introducing the moratorium on state controls by the end of the year.

7. No calculation of the penalties when paying the communal services for at least three months with the state credit of the respective service providers.

8. Negotiation of Government and NBM with commercial banks on rescheduling loans for economic agents and population for at least six months.

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