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27 Mar. 2020 / 11:28

PDM’s appeal to all political parties: Let's be supportive in this period

The president of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Pavel Filip, called on all leaders and political parties to refrain from "shows and PR and to show solidarity during this period". Pavel Filip urged all political forces to join in the fight against the COVID - 19 virus.

"All the countries of the world have at this moment only one enemy: this virus that is spreading very fast. Unfortunately, in addition to COVID-19, the Republic of Moldova suffers from another chronic disease - populism. Even in these complicated times, political parties and politicians can not get rid of this disease. Every day, there are all kinds of populist proposals that have no financial coverage," Pavel Filip said in a briefing.

At the same time, the Democratic leader wanted to thank the party colleagues in the Cabinet of Ministers, "who did not have time to adapt, went into offices and started working". In this context, Pavel Filip announced some proposals at ministerial level that would provide for the cancellation of the graduation exams for students.

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