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19 Feb. 2020 / 15:42

Leader of PPDA about a possible alliance with MPs who left the PDM

DA platform does not intend to negotiate an alliance with the group of MPs who left the PDM. The statement was made by the leader of the PPDA, Andrei Nastase in a press conference, after the six Democratic MPs announced that they left the party, Moldova 1 TV reports.

"We would like that people who put their hope in the PDM to understand how things are and we continue to urge the mayors, the councilors who have similar aspirations,  to join us. Candu, Sîrbu and others from the DA Platform have no chance”, said Andrei Năstase.

We remind you that this morning, six members of the PDM announced that they are leaving the faction. These are Eleonora Graur, Grigore Repesciuc, Sergiu Sîrbu, Vladimir Cebotari and Corneliu Padnevici.

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