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24 Feb. 2021 / 17:17

COVID-19 in Moldova: 23 deaths and 1,610 new cases, registered in 24 hours

Another 1,610 new cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed today in the Republic of Moldova. According to data presented by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection (MSMPS), out of the total number of cases, three are imported. The balance of COVID-19 cases in our country reached 180,150.

24 Feb. 2021 / 14:13

New places in hospitals for patients with Coronavirus

At the "Holy Trinity" hospital in the capital, another 30 beds have been activated for patients tested positive for Coronavirus. Thus, the capacity of the institution will be 300 beds for the COVID profile, informs the Chisinau City Hall.

24 Feb. 2021 / 10:29

PSRM reiterates its openness to dialogue with all parliamentary factions and groups

PSRM President Igor Dodon says the Republic of Moldova is entering a deep political and constitutional crisis, and the negative effects of this crisis are already being felt in all areas of life, including the repeated rise in fuel prices. In this context, the PSRM reiterates its openness to dialogue with all parliamentary factions and groups.

23 Feb. 2021 / 21:33

PAS: We will support the president's efforts to find solutions to trigger early elections

The Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) claims that the only solution is the early elections and the reset of the Parliament, and the PAS will unconditionally support all the steps of the president in search of solutions to trigger early elections. This is the party’s reaction after it took note of the Constitutional Court’s decision.

23 Feb. 2021 / 20:16

Experts' opinions on the decision of the Constitutional Court

Some political scientists and constitutional experts claim that today's decision of the Constitutional Court was a predictable one and suggest to Moldova's president, Maia Sandu, to be guided strictly by the law, despite the desire to take radical steps in certain directions, reports Moldova 1 TV.

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