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31 Mar. 2020 / 12:32

COVID-19 in the world

Thousands of new cases of Covid-19 infection as well as deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours worldwide. Italy is in the top with over 11 thousand deaths, but the number of infections decreased slightly compared to the previous day, 4,050 illnesses were reported, followed by Spain, as well with a grim number of over 7,700 deaths. In the United States, six members of Congress were tested positive, and China is reporting an increase in the number of illnesses due to imported infections. In Romania, there are more than 2,000 infected persons, and 65 have died, reports Moldova 1.

In Romania, the largest outbreak of infection is in Suceava where the authorities decided that the municipality and eight other nearby localities are in total quarantine. The entrances and exits will be guarded by the police.

"In the quarantined area provided in art. 1, entry and exit are allowed for a) freight transport, regardless of its nature, of the raw materials and resources necessary to carry out the economic activities in the quarantined area, as well as of the population supply; b) persons who do not live in the quarantined area except those who carry out economic activities or act in the field of defense, public order, national security,” declared the Minister of Internal Affairs of Romania, Ion Marcel.

In Italy, even if the death toll is as high, the authorities have a ray of hope. In one day, over 1,600 people were healed. At the same time, the World Health Organization believes that as a result of the measures taken the epidemic should stabilize on the Peninsula.

"We really hope that Italy and Spain are close to stabilizing the situation - but the virus will not go away by itself. It will have to be removed through public health efforts,” said WHO expert Mike Ryan.

At the same time, in southern Italy, left without money and food, members of criminal gangs use social networks to conduct raids on supermarkets, where from food is stolen. Spain has surpassed China in the number of people infected, and in at least 6 of the 17 regions there are no places in hospitals. Yesterday, throughout the country, a minute of recollection was held in memory of those abducted by the new coronavirus.

Because they lose their relatives in such a short time and without being able to see them for the last time, many Spaniards cannot overcome the situation by themselves, so they call on psychologists, whose services are in great search during this period.

"People are angry because they could not keep their promise to be in the moments of deficiency at the bed of the loved one, but especially in the last hours of their lives," said the head of the San Camilo care center, Carlos Bermejo.

"I couldn't say goodbye to my mother for the last time. It was so hard," said Encarni Calvache.

France recorded the highest number of deaths in a single day. The employees of a chain of supermarkets throughout the country refused to work, because they did not have the necessary protective equipment, and for this reason several workers were tested positive.

"We have employees in intensive care, we have departments that were infected and were not properly disinfected. All employees are afraid of coming to work,” said the representative of the French Trade Unions, Rada Longar.

In Bulgaria and Austria, the public must wear protective masks in public, a measure designed to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. Also in Austria, dozens of politicians have been sued for ignoring the outbreak of infection at the famous ski resort where thousands of people were sick. In the UK, the list of sick officials is increasing. Prime Minister Johnson's counselor self-isolated with symptoms. The Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and the chief medical officer of England are already at home, infected. The Vicar of Rome, Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, became the highest church face in the Catholic Church tested positively with COVID-19. Instead, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel performed a third coronavirus test, which came out negative. Merkel will still be quarantined. The situation is alarming in the United States, where over 1,000 policemen have been infected, and the Pentagon has reported the first US military dead due to coronavirus out of about 600 tested positive. Across the Ocean, there are over 164,000 confirmed cases, and the death toll has exceeded 3,100. The worst situation is in New York. At the same time, Donald Trump has announced that he will send $100 million worth of medical equipment to Italy. Moscow was quarantined, and Patriarch Kirill appealed to parishioners to stop attending religious services in the following period.

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