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28 Feb. 2020 / 14:15

Last rehearsal for the "Eurovision - 2020" National Final. See the preparations for Saturday's show (PHOTO)

Music, dances, spectacular shows - all take place in the large studio of the Public Television Moldova 1, which on Saturday, February 29, will host the National Finals of the "Eurovision - 2020" competition. It is the last rehearsal for the contest. This time, the artists dressed the stage dress and presented the show ready for the National Finals. Curious about what Saturday's concert will look like, TRM.MD reporter went behind the scenes and managed to capture more images, which we propose you to see.

Enchanting atmosphere in the National Television studio. A play of lights in harmony with the voices of the young performers and the dance moves in the stage. For the general rehearsal each artist came with the song live, but also with the show prepared for the competition.

Moldovan wine inspired Pasha Parfeni to participate again in the "Eurovision" Competition. He will evolve under number 9 with the song "My Wine". Pasha told us that he wants to arrive on stage in Rotterdam to invite the entire Europe to visit the Republic of Moldova: "To come to us with money and to leave with wine", says Pasha.

Lavinia Rusu is more secretive. She did not want to give too many details, but see what the camera caught. She will go on stage under number 6 with the song "Touch". "Five people will come out on stage. More details will not be revealed to you now because I want it to be a moment to amaze, a moment that will convince our audience to vote and propel us to the next international stage,” said Lavinia Rusu.

A spectacular show about love. "You Must Love Slowly!" - is the exhortation of Dima Jelezoglo, who will enter the stage under number 7, with the song "Do It Slow". The show contains elements from Moldovan and Gagauzian dances. The music and lyrics were written by the performer after watching the artistic film "Aladdin".

A symbiosis of the songs in the song "Moldoviţa", Balkan rhythms, Ukrainian motifs in the interpretation of Valentin Uzun and Irina Kovalsky, who will go on stage under number 5.

"We have a special piece for Eurovision that describes this little country, for the world to come to Moldova and to fully enjoy its food, traditions and wines. The musical arrangement was created to include more nationalities in our country. Rhythmic from the south, it's also Balkan, something Ukrainian," said Valentin Uzun and Irina Kovalschi.

He did not intend to participate in the contest this year, but he says, fate wanted it to be so. Denis Midone with the song "Like a champion" will open the contest on Saturday, climbing the first on stage of the National Finals.

While some competitors let the photographer take pictures of them, this conferring a dose of importance and notoriety, others - on the contrary, avoided the camera.

On February 29, watch the live broadcast on the public television channel Moldova 1 and online on TRM.MD National Finals of the European Song Contest "Eurovision - 2020".

Be the first to find out who will represent the Republic of Moldova on the Rotterdam stage!

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