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13 Mar. 2020 / 17:28

Objectives of the candidate of the Unirea Movement, Dorin Chirtoaca

Decentralization of public finances - is the number one priority of the Unirea Movement candidate, Dorin Chirtoaca, for the new parliamentary elections in the Hânceşti constituency. Chirtoaca says that once he is elected MP, it will be easier for him to promote the union, reports Mesager.

"The MP must bring laws that decentralize public finances, go to the district level, to the village level, so that no one should beg, I refer to mayors and local authorities in general. Regarding the group I belong to, I will try to gather people around the Unirea Movement”, says Dorin Chirtoaca.

Dorin Chirtoaca aims to decentralize and to promote ecological transport, reports Radio Moldova. According to Chirtoaca, the union with Romania will help to overcome the crisis in Moldova.  

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