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14 Mar. 2020 / 14:34

Election silence today for candidates running for the seat of MP in the constituency Nb. 38

Candidates running for the position of MP in the constituency Nb. 38, Hânceşti, can no longer campaign. The legislation prohibits on this day campaigning and participation of candidates in the shows. Also, the competitors can no longer spend money from the electoral funds, reports Radio Moldova.

The election silence was reintroduced last year after Parliament amended the Electoral Code.

Under the provisions, neither the media institutions have the right to disseminate information about elections and competitors.

The campaigning on the dayof silence or on the day of voting shall be sanctioned with a fine of up to one thousand lei for individuals and up to 2500 lei for candidates.

5 candidates were registered in the electoral race for the position of MP. The new parliamentary elections in the constituency Nb. 38 are held after the Democrat Alexandru Botnari resigned in favor of the mayor's seat.

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