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15 Mar. 2020 / 07:00

New parliamentary elections in the constituency No. 38 in Hincesti

Citizens with voting rights from Hincesti district are called today, March 15, again to the ballot box to elect their deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. The polling stations opened at 7:00. The vote may be cast until 21:00.

The fight for a seat in Parliament is among five candidates:

Ion Mereuţă, candidate, Democratic Party of Moldova;

Ştefan Gaţcan, candidate, Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova;

Olesea Stamate, candidate for the Action and Solidarity Party;

Dorin Chirtoaca, candidate, "Unirea" Electoral bloc;

Grigore Cobzac, independent candidate.

Forty four electoral offices were organized for the elections. According to the data of the Central Electoral Commission, 61,571 citizens registered on the electoral rolls are expected to vote.

The elections of March 15 are monitored by 82 national observers from seven organizations. The CEC also accredited 12 international observers from four diplomatic missions resident in the Republic of Moldova and two electoral associations.

According to the electoral legislation, on the day of the elections, the actions of electoral agitation are strictly forbidden, it is not allowed to conduct, to reflect the activities with the intention of electoral agitation, nor the appearance of the candidates in elections in televised or radio programs.

In the uninominal constituency Nr.38 Hincesti, new parliamentary elections are taking place, after Alexandru Botnari, refused the deputy mandate, after winning in the election of February 24, 2019, in favor of the mayoral mandate of Hincesti municipality.

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