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19 Mar. 2020 / 16:36

A Moldovan woman infected with COVID - 19 died in Italy

A woman from the Republic of Moldova, located in the Italian city of Parma, has died after being infected with the new type of coronavirus. The information was confirmed for Radio Moldova News by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

According to the information, the woman was 65 years old and was in hospital for several days, in serious condition. It was established in the Italian city of Parma for many years. The representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chisinau said that they were informed about this case, and with details on how Moldovan will be repatriated to the country, they will come later.

At the same time, officials said that a procedure for the repatriation of those who lost their lives in other states due to Coronavirus has not yet been established, but they have advised the victim's family to contact one of the consulates of the Republic of Moldova in Italy (Padova or Milan). 

TRM.MD recalls that it is the first death case due to the new type of coronavirus of a Moldovan citizen living abroad.

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