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31 Mar. 2020 / 19:55

Support message from the co-national Lilia Bicec from Italy

Now, more than ever, our thoughts are directed toward loved ones from abroad - children, parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, distant communication, but now it seems to have an even greater emotional load.

Journalist and writer Lilia Bicec sends us a good thought from Italy, where he has been established for many years.

"These days, not once did I repeat, everything that is done is done for good. We imagined, at times, that we were exiled, we were in the house and we had no way of communicating, so if it were so sure we could be in a painful situation, but now we have all the communication means. I say this because if I once complained that I could not see my grandchildren, today is not exactly the worst, because we manage to make a video connection, we saw for a few minutes in this image virtual video but we were glad that everything is fine and we are healthy and we hope very, very much to pass as soon as possible. I wish you, my dear friends, to have the patience to stay in the house, because this condition is not one of the worst. A lot of health in the world and we can only hear about the good,” said journalist and writer Lilia Bicec from Italy.

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