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19 Mar. 2020 / 16:56

The actions to be taken in the event of exceeding the term of stay abroad

MAEIE informs Moldovan citizens about the actions to be taken in the event of exceeding the period of stay, regulated by the internal normative acts or the bilateral agreements in force, following the application of restrictive measures regarding the non-departure from the affected areas, placement in medical institutions or quarantine, as well as limits applied by third countries to cross their borders, in order to prevent the spread of COVID19.

Thus, in order to avoid further difficulties including the application of administrative sanctions due to possible exceedance of the terms of stay, MAEIE recommends that Moldovan citizens contact the migratory services or public authorities in the respective regions to document the procedure for extending the right of residence or applying internal exceptions in relation to them with the limitations imposed on crossing borders.

In case of impossibility to obtain the respective information from the local authorities, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova will request the support of the diplomatic missions and consular offices of our country.

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