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19 Mar. 2020 / 14:53

Message from the diaspora: We stay home, everyone respects the rules established by the authorities

Moldovans from abroad are trying to protect themselves from COVID-19 by lockdown and respecting hygiene rules, Radio Moldova reports.

Veronica Donos, living in Spain with her whole family, says that the streets in their region are deserted, everyone is locked up in the house and they go out to the store just to buy food.

"We stay inside, in the region where we live, everyone respects the rules established by the authorities, on the street you do not see people, each one goes out in the morning to shopping, to the pharmacy, the policemen stay at the door, in the shops only ten people get in, they all disinfect their hands, take gloves. We must abide by the rules, stay home for our children. We want to be okay, so that later we can see our relatives and we can hug each other, stay home,” said Veronica Donos.

Also in France, Moldovans stay at home respecting the rules imposed by the authorities. What is the situation in the city of Lion, we found out from our countrymen Andrian Gîlcă.

"The city is quarantined, we can only leave the house with a completed certificate, if you go to the pharmacy or hospital, when you go shopping or if you cannot work from home, that you go to work. At home I want to tell them to stay home, because this way they will see better results,” said Andrian Gâlcă.

TRM.MD recalls that the number of people infected worldwide with the new type of Coronavirus is constantly increasing. So far, more than 220 thousand cases of contamination have been registered.

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