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01 Mar. 2020 / 10:00

The celebration of the martisor in the Republic of Moldova

Every year, in the Republic of Moldova, Mărţişorul is celebrated, an ancient tradition that signifies the arrival of spring. The obligatory attribute of March is the testimony that people, as usual, wear on their chest as a symbol of nature's resurrection. It is pinned on the chest of March 1 and according to tradition, it is worn until the cherry blossoms, after which it is clinged to the branches of a tree.

Every year, in our country, the music festival "Mărţişor" takes place, which starts today. The inauguration of the Festival takes place at the National Palace "Nicolae Sulac", within a musical-choreographic show, with the generic "Pastel", dedicated to Master Gheorghe Mustea, who will be honored at 50 years of artistic activity and will be celebrated 70 years from the founding of the National Symphony Orchestra of "Teleradio Moldova".

This year's edition includes 53 musical performances. Of these, 28 concerts will be held in different districts of the country, including two in Tiraspol.

In "Mărţişor 2020" artists and artistic collectives from outside the country will evolve, such as "Trio Montagnana", David Filipe (violin), Martin Palmeri, Stas Mihailov, Fuego, Conductor Gheorghe Costin, etc.

Traditionally the festival will bring to the public the most famous artistic groups in the country, such as the National Academic Ensemble of Popular Dances "Joc", the Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic "S. Lunchevici ", Orchestras of popular music "Lăutarii", "Folclor", "Fluieraş", "Mugurel”, etc..

TRM.MD recalls that the festival is in its 54th edition and runs between March 1-10. The event is organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, in conjunction with the subordinate concert institutions.

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