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21 Mar. 2020 / 10:03

Eugen Doga's music encourages doctors in the fight against coronavirus

Eugen Doga's music is on the front line of the fight against coronavirus. This is about the photo on the Facebook page of the master, sent from Germany, where, according to the comment, doctors fight for the lives of people, accompanied by the music of our great composer, reports Mesager.

They, like  many admirers of Eugen Doga's creation, are profoundly grateful for the music that inspires courage, hope and love of life,

Contacted by Moldova 1, the composer was surprised that his music encourages people in these difficult moments. The composer says he is lucky because he managed to return home in time to Kiev, where he was going to have a concert, before closing the borders. The event was postponed. Also, another musical performance from Eugen Doga's creation, scheduled for today, March 20, in Milan, Italy was canceled.

Also, the soloist of the U2 group, Bono, on some of the social networks said that he wrote a ballad dedicated to Italians fighting the coronavirus pandemic. The Irish artist invites fans to sing, as the Italians did from their balconies.

Lately, about 65 songs were posted on the Internet describing the frightening situation faced by the humanity.

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