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19 Feb. 2020 / 20:14

Constantin Brancusi Square to be built in Chisinau

A new square will be built in Chisinau by the end of the year. According to the municipal councilor, Cornel Pântea, the park at the intersection of Cuza-Voda and Sarmizegetusa streets will bear the name of Constatin Brancusi, reports Mesager.

Pântea says that he sent an interpellation to the general mayor Ion Ceban and to the deputy mayor of Chisinau Victor Chironda and they are currently working on the rehabilitation project and the topographic sketch of the location.

"The rehabilitation project includes lighting, paving, seating, garbage bins, floral arrangements and the installation of Constantin Brancusi's bust, because the street starts from this park”, said Cornel Pântea, municipal councilor, PUN.

The estimated cost of the project is two million lei, money that would be allocated from the budget of Botanica.

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