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29 Feb. 2020 / 15:05

The exhibition-contest "We, the creative youth" can be admired at the "Constantin Brâncuşi" Gallery

The craftsmanship and the evolution of the plastic thinking of the young generation of artists can be admired at the exhibition-contest "We, the creative youth", inaugurated at the Gallery "Constantin Brâncuşi", reports Moldova 1.

"Frânturi Aripi" is titled the Lithography of Dumitru Lungu, the holder of the Great Prize granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

"Thank you for this honor, I like to come to this exhibition, I like to see diversity of ideas, many techniques. Originality is something characteristic to young people. If I am to characterize this exhibition - it is about the effervescence of the spirit," said Dumitru Lungu.

Other prizes awarded by the Union of Plastic Artists (UAP) went to Pavel Obreja, Iarinera Saviţkaia and Veronica Butucel, and eight young people were awarded diplomas of merit.

"More students from the educational institutions participate in the exhibition and the merit of these awards is that of our teachers," said Veronica Butucel.

122 papers were presented at the exhibition-contest, and their assessment was responsible work for the members of the jury.

"It is a responsibility we take on, we want to encourage talented young people for whom art is a vocation, it is a desire to express," said Florina Breazu, president of the jury.

The president of the UAP evoked the memory of the late art critic Tudor Bragă, the author of the project initiated 19 years ago in the hope of opening up new horizons for young artists.

“From year to year, the quality of the works and the number of artists has increased. As the graduates of the art faculties leave the country, we, the UAP, strive for those who remain to organize these exhibitions, to train them in the competition and to give them the chance to create in a competitive environment. They have a big plus - total freedom of creation, but also a great minus - the economic conditions,” said Dumitru Bolboceanu, painter.

"It is the XVIX edition, but the Ministry has participated with the support since 2016. These editions have experienced descents and ascents. I hope now before they are just ascents. We have talented young people, we just have to highlight their value," said Ivan Gheorghiu, State Secretary, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

The new plastic ideas of the young people can be seen in the gallery "Constantin Brancusi" until March 15th.

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