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01 Mar. 2020 / 20:20

On March 1, according to tradition, people have given matisors

Spring came, and once with it - the secular tradition of giving martisors, the symbol of spring in Moldova. As every year, the folk craftsmen have competed creatively, to impress the buyers. Whether we are talking about ceramics, dried or crocheted flowers, they all sold like hot bread. At home, in transport, at the customs or at the museum, the Moldovans received and gave as gift the white-red symbol, which they proudly pin on the chest, determined to wear it for a month, for a new year with plenty, reports Moldova 1.

The tradition of giving martisors was respected today by the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, for all visitors who have entered it.

"It was a tradition in the past. Women were cleaning houses, men sweeping the fields and it was called March in the house and winter outside,” said Snejana Crudu, a museographer.

The tradition of wearing martisors comes from ancient times and is specific to several peoples: Romanians, Slavs, Greeks, Germans, Bulgarians, Gagauzians, Albanians and Hungarians. Since 2017 the tradition has been included in the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO.

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