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01 Mar. 2020 / 14:17

Composer Eugen Doga celebrates his 83rd birthday

Composer Eugen Doga, Artist of the People, winner of the National Prize, holder of the "Order of the Republic", titular member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, celebrates today, March 1, the 83rd birthday, reports Radio Moldova.

In a recent interview with Moldpres Agency, the composer said that in March he will perform in Kiev, Bucharest, Iaşi, Milan and Moscow. On March 7, he will play with Fuego, during a performance, at the "Nicolae Sulac" National Palace in Chisinau.

In other news, the composer stated that his book "Who am I" will soon appear in Saint Petersburg, with the subtitle "Glitter under the imprint of my memory". "So far I have published six books: three in Romanian and three in Russian. Currently, I work on the second part of the cycle "Dialogues of love", on lyrics by Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle, said the master.

Eugen Doga was born on March 1, 1937 in the village of Mocra, Râbniţa district. He graduated the "Stefan Neaga" College of Music, the Conservatory and the Institute of Arts "G. Musicescu” from Chisinau. He is the author of valuable works in the genre of modern music, film and theater. He composed a symphony, the songs "Spring of humanity" and "White rainbow", music for theater shows, over 200 films, room instrumental pieces, romances, songs for children.

Eugen Doga was awarded with the State Prize, the honorary title Artist of the People, with the "Order of the Republic", the order "Steaua României" in the rank of commander, with the order "Serviciul Credincios" (Romania), with the order "Za zaslughi pered otecestvom" and with the order "Alexandr Nevski" (Russia). The composer is the author of the famous waltz "Gingaşa şi tandra mea fiară", designated by UNESCO as the fourth musical masterpiece of the last century.

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