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01 Mar. 2020 / 19:57

Joy in Eugen Doga's house! The master had an unusual surprise

An eternal romantic not self-satisfied, always in the process of creation and in love with music. This is how he describes himself, at the age of 83, Eugen Doga, the composer who carried the fame of Moldova worldwide, Artist of the People, winner of the National Prize, holder of the "Order of the Republic". On this anniversary he had a new surprise: he came to congratulate him a man bearing the same name: an officer of the State Protection and Guard Service (SPPS), born on the same day, 29 years ago, reports Moldova 1.

SPPS officer Eugen Doga says his parents chose his name, who wanted to see him as an artist, but it wasn't to be. He admits, however, that he bears Eugen Doga's name with great pride and honor.

"Already my family was Doga, I was born on March 1 and in honor of the master the parents decided to give me the name Eugen", said Eugen Doga, SPPS officer.

"Extraordinary, how beautiful, what a gesture of parents! Being selfish I say it's good to draw this symbol. Because we want we do not want but it is! We also have strong and reliable shields because we need defense,” said Eugen Doga, composer.

The general mayor of the capital Ion Ceban brought him the complete masterpiece of Mihai Eminescu.

"We are happy that we can be contemporaries. We have no other values in this area. I wish you much health," said Ion Ceban.

"I do my best to make the world happy when we meet on the street and enjoy when they come to concerts. This feeling of the shoulders of people who wish you well, who want to share the warmth of the soul is a great, great happiness," said the master.

"He is a happy young man all the time, I am glad that so many people are near him, all beautiful young people, with a smile, this is happiness for me too," said Natalia Doga, the composer's wife.

Author of some valuable musical creations of stage, film and theater, internationally Eugen Doga is known especially for the famous waltz "Gingaşa şi tandra mea fiară", designated by UNESCO as the fourth musical masterpiece of the last century.

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