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11 Nov. 2019 / 15:11

Mandate of the general mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban, validated

Chisinau court based in Rascani confirmed the legality of the local elections in Chisinau and validated the mandate of the general mayor of Chisinau, Ion Ceban.

The decision was ruled by judge Galina Ciobanu. "The legality of the general local elections of November 3, 2019, the second round of the mayor of Chisinau municipality from Chisinau is confirmed. The mandate of the general mayor of Chisinau Ceban Ion on behalf of the Socialist Party is validated.  The decision is enforceable from the moment of the ruling, but it can be challenged to the Chisinau Court of Appeal within a day through the Chisinau Court based in Riscani”, said Galina Ciobanu.

According to the legislation in force, the mayor may exercise the duties of mayor once the court has validated the mandate.

"I will go to the City Hall tomorrow morning, maybe today I may go. As of today, I start work officially. During this period, I dedicated myself to several issues of planning, monitoring, evaluation and I had meetings with many investors, different organizations to support the City Hall. I will work with each counselor separately and I assure you that we will have a lucrative council in the municipality”, said the mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban, after the court validated his mandate.

We remind that Ion Ceban, candidate from the PSRM, won the general local elections in Chisinau with about 52.39%. In the second round, he defeated his counter-candidate from the ACUM Bloc Andrei Năstase, who got 47.61% of the total number of votes.

The Central Election Commission is to determine by a decision the date of the first meeting of the Chisinau Municipal Council.

After the general local elections on October 20, the Socialist Party and the ACUM Electoral Block have the most mandates in the Chisinau Municipal Council: PSRM - 22 mandates of councilor, ACUM - 19; PL - 3; PDM - 2; Shor Party - 2, 3 other mandates are shared by one by the National Unity Party, the "Forta Noua" Movement and the Communist Party.

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